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Welcome to NEAD LED

Facts and Benefits

LED Lighting is a safe and efficient alternative to conventional and halogen bulbs that can drastically reduce your lighting bill. To learn more go here

  • Our bulbs offer a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, (L70 @30,000Hrs)
  • Superior Japanese Driver and Capacitor Components.
  • Great Energy Savings in comparison to conventional lighting,
  • No UV radiation and minimal heat,
  • Produced without mercury, unlike fluorescent tubes,
  • Instant light when switched on, without flicker or strobing,
  • Resistant to shock or vibration damage,
  • Minimal maintenance requirements,

Superior to Energy Saving CFL bulbs

To learn more about why LED Lighting is the best choice for lighting today, click here

3/5 Year No Quibble Guarantee


LED Products are designed with durability and long life in mind, in the unlikely event that something does happen to your product, we offer a 3 year (5 year on our Tubes) no quibble guarantee, that is backed by the Chubb insurance group.

Confused About Fittings?

B15 B22 E14 E27 GU10 GU53 MR111

Lights for Every Situation

  • 2W LED Candle

    2W LED Candle

  • GLS

  • Ceiling Panels

  • High Bay

  • T8 Tubes

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About Us

NEAD LED and Anglia LED Lighting are a partnership based on common values and goals, that of innovation combined with progressive research and development in the area of ethical and renewable lighting technology and promoting the cost-saving benefits to the global marketplace. This partnership is a natural progression for both companies, and their shared values and collective experience in their field is bolstered by a warm and assertive sales ethos.

The outcome of this partnership is a range of products that represent the cutting edge in LED lighting, crafted from superior materials and designed for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. All their products are underwritten with guarantees that reflect their collective confidence in the innovation and quality of its product range.

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Company Information

01633 875180

34 Court Road Industrial Estate,
South Wales,
NP44 3AS

NEAD LED are a premier LED Lighting supplier. We provide a wide range of lighting including, LED GU10, LED MR16, LED PAR30, LED PAR38, LED Candle, LED Golf, LED GLS, LED T5 Tube, LED T8 Tube, LED T10 Tube, LED Spot lights, LED Down lights, LED High Bay lights, LED Ceiling Panels, LED Flood Lights, Emergency Lighting and LED LED Strips. Partnered with Anglia LED Lighting we ensure quality with our 3 year no quibble guarantee.

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